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Samsung SCB-3020 High Resolution Board Color Camera with 3.7mm Lens, 600 TVL, and 12VDC Support





The SCB-3020 camera includes a built-in 3.7mm lens and provides a horizontal resolution of 600TV lines and excellent low light sensitivity of 0.45Lux. Especially designed for ATMs and other applications where physical space is a challenge, this camera can handle backlit subjects because of its wide dynamic range capability.  In addition, it offers a number of advanced options that include remote control via coax, VPS (Virtual Progressive Scan) and intelligent video functions.


Key Features:

High resolution of 600TV lines
Min. illumination [email protected] (Color)
Built-in 3.7mm fixed lens
WDR, VPS : SCB-3021/3020, Intelligent video, MD, DNR
Coax : CCVC, 12V DC