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Pelco KBD4002 Pushbutton PTZ Control with Preset Positioning




The KBD4002 Keyboard is an economical full-function keyboard controller for the MX4000 Genex Multiplexer and the MX4000SVR Genex Multiplexer Server.

There are two modes of operation – multiplexer mode and multiplexer server mode – depending on whether the keyboard is connected to a multiplexer or to a server.

In the multiplexer mode, a single keyboard interfaces up to 16 multiplexers that are daisy-chained together. With 9-channel multiplexers, the keyboard can control up to 144 cameras; with 16-channel multiplexers, up to 256 cameras can be controlled.

In the multiplexer server mode, up to four keyboards can be connected to a server, which interfaces up to eight multiplexers. Up to 72 cameras can be controlled with 9-channel multiplexers or 128 cameras with 16-channel multiplexers.


Product Features
• Economical Full-Feature Keyboard
• Select up to 256 Cameras from One Keyboard Connected to a String of MX4000 Genex® Multiplexers
• Select up to 128 Cameras from a Maximum of Four Keyboards through an MX4000SVR Genex Multiplexer Server
• Variable-Speed Control of Pan/Tilt Units Made by Keypad Selection Using "Select-a-Speed" Feature
• Preset Position and Pattern Control
• Main and Spot Monitor Control
• Digital Zoom Control on Main Monitor
• Auxiliary Operation