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Milestone XProtect Transact Transaction Management System Software Connection License


XProtect Transact

The Xprotect transact connection license must have an existing Xprotect transact base license.  If you don't have an existing base license, please Click Here to purchase one. 

Whether your challenge is shrinkage, fraud or simply providing a safe shopping environment, XProtect Transact will help you identify problems involving point-of-sale (POS) and automated teller machine (ATM) devices.

By providing a time synchronized interface linking receipt data together with corresponding video, monitoring of operations is extended with actual cash register data. XProtect Transact provides you with valuable evidence that can easily be exported for use in legal disputes or distributed to public authorities. It enables you to solve a multitude of problems facing your store operations.

Real-time monitoring

Can you use video surveillance to detect fraud?

Video and transaction receipts can be displayed alongside one another so you can easily verify if goods are being scanned correctly.

Reacting on specific items

Can you be notified when certain products are sold?

With XProtect Transact you can receive a notification each time specific products are scanned in a POS system. This notification can also trigger an event in your XProtect software to change frame rate, start recording or move a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera to a fixed preset, ensuring you record video evidence of the incident.

Investigating transactions

Can you verify the method of payment?

XProtect Transact gives you the capability to search for specific text strings in the receipt lines from a cash register. The search results provide you with a time-synchronized interface displaying the video from the corresponding camera at that exact time. With XProtect Transact you can quickly visually verify a transaction in which employees applied discounts or gift cards.

Product Maintenance Agreements

A Milestone Product Maintenance Agreement (PMA) entitles you to free access to product upgrades. The PMA is a contract that runs 1 or more years at a time and is purchased along with a new product, or if you purchase a product upgrade.

A PMA protects your investment and gives you control over the total cost of ownership. 

Two strong arguments for choosing a PMA with your product:

Stay on the technological forefront.
Get free access to all interim and major releases, patches and device packs within your product category.

Lower the cost of growing your installation.

We will refund the full purchase price* of your existing product when you upgrade to a higher-level product (trade-in). You only pay the difference!*

Plan ahead - save money

The price of a PMA is approximately 18% of the recommended retail price of the XProtect products. By selecting one of the long-term PMAs (2-5 year PMAs) you can make considerable savings, and therefore optimize your total cost of ownership even more.

How does a PMA work?

When buying an XProtectâ„¢ product license, you can choose to buy a PMA at the same time. Under the PMA, all upgrades are completely free of charge for one year. The software upgrades are delivered electronically throughout the year.

How long does it last?

You buy a PMA for up to 5 years at a time. PMA can also be purchased on a daily basis to allow the PMA period to run until a specific date. This is particularly useful if the PMA renewals are to be aligned with calendar or fiscal years, or if you want a coherent PMA coverage on an extended system where additional system components have been purchased in addition to the original system. Before the PMA expires, your Milestone partner will automatically receive e-mails to remind you about renewal.

How is it purchased?

With new purchase: The PMA is only available as part of a new product purchase and not as an add-on to a product that has been purchased previously.    If a PMA is purchased, it must be purchased for the base license and the camera licenses.  a PMA can not be purchased for just the base license or just the camera licenses.