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Panasonic WV-ASM970 System GUI Software for PMPU1000 and PMPU2000

The WV-ASM970 is system management software designed specifically for the PMPU1000 system management server. Compatible with Analog and i-Pro network cameras, the WV-ASM970 offers full control of surveillance video resources such as alarm monitoring, alarm control, and alarm action. The software supports 2 monitor outputs: the first monitor for your map and operation, and the second monitor for live video stream and playback videos. Up to 30 ips/camera can be displayed in 16 split-screen in H.264 1.5Mbps mode VGA or in MPEG4 2Mbps VGA. Additional features include full camera control, 1/4/7/9/10/13/16 multi-split screen pattern view (on the 2nd monitor), control of WJ-GXD400 monitors and other WV-ASM970 monitors based on permission, and the ability to control the WV-ASM970 software with a PC mouse and/or WV-CU950 joystick controller.

The WV-ASM970 is easy to install and can be downloaded directly from the PMPU1000 with the database. One license per PMPU1000 server is needed and up to 64 WV-ASM970s can exist on one server without the need for an additional license.
Spec Sheet