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Milestone XProtect Corporate Milestone Interconnect Device License


Milestone Interconnect™ connects remote sites for cost-efficient distributed video surveillance

Milestone Interconnect is a unique system concept that allows XProtect® video management software (VMS) to be interconnected with Milestone’s premium software XProtect® Corporate to create one cohesive and powerful security solution. Milestone Interconnect provides a cost-efficient and flexible way to gain central surveillance operation across geographically dispersed sites.

The ability to detect incidents and remotely manage interconnected site from one central system reduces operation costs and the need for on-site visits. Its intelligent video storage management makes optimal use of available remote and central storage and network resources.

Benefits of Milestone Interconnect

Milestone Interconnect is the ideal surveillance solution for a wide variety of industries that want a cost-effective way to gain central surveillance of multiple sites spread across a region.

Cost-efficient solution for retail chains

  • Fast and easy rollout: It is easy to deploy local XProtect video management software because settings can be copied and applied to all remote sites
  • Protect property: Central operators can manage all connected stores, providing 24/7 surveillance and asset protection outside normal business hours
  • Flexible video storage: Combination of local and central video storage with the ability to retrieve relevant video by schedule or request, optimizes evidence handling and preserves bandwidth 
  • Reduce costs: The central site can remotely control all stores and manage evidence, eliminating the need for training of local personnel

Mobile onboard surveillance for transportation

  • Mobile/stationary solution: Users can seamlessly connect mobile video onboard transport vehicles with traditional stationary surveillance from the transport station for one comprehensive surveillance solution
  • Increase safety: Passengers and personnel are protected while on route with the ability to send alarm notifications and live video to central monitoring central
  • Efficient evidence collection: Automatic video retrieval from the onboard systems, based on a time schedule or by request, eliminates the need for physical evidence collection from transport vehicles    
  • Keep track of system status: Central system monitoring ensures that onboard surveillance in transport vehicles is functioning at all times

A way for alarm centers to explore new service opportunities

  • Reduce operational costs: Combine physical guards form the alarm center with central video surveillance, reducing the need for local security guards
  • Efficient alarm response: Operators can use advanced alarm management functions, such as interactive maps and prioritized alarm lists, to easily verify alarms before dispatching security personnel, saving time and reducing costs
  • Remote management: Save costs by remotely managing clients’ systems, which reduces the need for costly on-site visits to investigate incidents or check system status

Supported products

Central system
XProtect Corporate 2013

Remote sites
XProtect® Enterprise 8 or later
XProtect® Professional 8 or later

XProtect® Express 1 or later
XProtect® NVR 1 or later
XProtect® Essential 2 or later


Product Maintenance Agreements

A Milestone Product Maintenance Agreement (PMA) entitles you to free access to product upgrades. The PMA is a contract that runs 1 or more years at a time and is purchased along with a new product, or if you purchase a product upgrade.

A PMA protects your investment and gives you control over the total cost of ownership. 

Two strong arguments for choosing a PMA with your product:

Stay on the technological forefront.
Get free access to all interim and major releases, patches and device packs within your product category.

Lower the cost of growing your installation.

We will refund the full purchase price* of your existing product when you upgrade to a higher-level product (trade-in). You only pay the difference!*

Plan ahead - save money

The price of a PMA is approximately 18% of the recommended retail price of the XProtect products. By selecting one of the long-term PMAs (2-5 year PMAs) you can make considerable savings, and therefore optimize your total cost of ownership even more.

How does a PMA work?

When buying an XProtect™ product license, you can choose to buy a PMA at the same time. Under the PMA, all upgrades are completely free of charge for one year. The software upgrades are delivered electronically throughout the year.

How long does it last?

You buy a PMA for up to 5 years at a time. PMA can also be purchased on a daily basis to allow the PMA period to run until a specific date. This is particularly useful if the PMA renewals are to be aligned with calendar or fiscal years, or if you want a coherent PMA coverage on an extended system where additional system components have been purchased in addition to the original system. Before the PMA expires, your Milestone partner will automatically receive e-mails to remind you about renewal.

How is it purchased?

With new purchase: The PMA is only available as part of a new product purchase and not as an add-on to a product that has been purchased previously.    If a PMA is purchased, it must be purchased for the base license and the camera licenses.  a PMA can not be purchased for just the base license or just the camera licenses.