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Digital Recorders





KBC Networks WAPOM 5.8 GHZ Wireless Host Access Point - Omni-Directional



    • 20+ Mbps standard mode, 50+ Mbps in turbo mode
    • 5 user selectable channels, 802.11a technology
    • Secure Encrypted Transmission
    • LED indicators for quick set up and diagnostics

Specification Sheet

Wireless Host/Access units and Client/Subscriber units are used together to form point-to-multipoint (PtMP) Wireless Ethernet Systems. Host/Access radios form the head-end and Client/Subscriber units form the remote or camera end of the system. These systems operate in the license free 5 GHz band and are capable of transmission rates up to 20Mbps in standard mode and 50Mbps in turbo mode.

The Host/AP is offered in directional (WAP) or Omni-directional (WAPOM) form factors. The Client SU is offered in directional (WSU), high gain (WSUP or WSUDI) and Omni-directional (WSUOM) form factors. A secure encryption method is used to prevent unauthorized access to the system.

A PtMP WES provides connectivity for IP devices such as: IP cameras, DVRs, encoder/decoders and web servers in ranges from 150m to 9.7km (500 ft to 6 miles).