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Panasonic WJ-GXE500 4 Channel H.264 Real Time Network Video Encoder

The WJ-GXE500 Network Video Encoder is part of the Panasonic i-PRO SmartHD lineup. It is a Power over Ethernet (PoE) IEEE802.3af, 4-channel encoder that uses less than half the power consumption of equivalent models. The WJ-GXE500 also uses the Panasonic proprietary UniPhier® System LSI that is compliant with the H.264 High Profile standard format and makes it possible to stream video over the network at a lower data size.
  • Full frame H.264 High Profile transmission for all 4 channels
  • H.264, MPEG-4 and JPEG dual stream output at VGA or D1 image size with up to 30 ips
  • Face detection technology that detects the position of the human face and the information is sent by XML or video stream (Ch 1 only)
  • Compensates picture degradation caused by long distance video transmission
  • Motion adaptive interlace/progressive conversion
  • Camera control over a coaxial cable
  • Open command conversion table for RS-485 that ensures the control of various manufacturer's PTZ cameras
  • Full duplex bi-directional audio
  • VMD (Video Motion Detector) with 4 programmable detection areas
  • Alarm sources including 3 terminal input, VMD, camera site alarm, video loss, and Panasonic alarm
  • High density, space saving installation, 3 units (or 12 channels) in 1U rack space (with optional rack mount bracket WV-Q204/2S
  • SDHC/SD memory card slot for manual recording, alarm recording and backup recording upon network failure (in JPEG mode)
  • Video Input: 4x1.0 V [p-p]/ 75 Ohm composite video inputs (BNC)
    Multiplexed control data and cable compensation compatible: 1 ~ 4 CH
  • Audio Output: Ø3.5 mm stereo mini jack (monaural output) Line level
  • Camera Control: Pan / Tilt / Zoom / Focus / Preset Positions / Auto Focus (when using Panasonic PTZ cameras)
  • Display Mode: Spot, Quad: Image from 16 cameras can be displayed in 4 different Quad screens (JPEG only). 20 character camera titles available
  • Audio: Mic (Line) Input ON / OFF Volume adjustment: Low / Middle / High, Audio Output: ON / OFF Volume adjustment: Low / Middle / High
  • Network IF: 10Base-TX, RJ-45 connector
  • Image Resolution: VGA mode: VGA (640x480) / QVGA (320x240); D1 mode (NTSC): D1 (720x480)
  • Face Detection: On / Off (with XML notification) (Ch 1 only)
  • No. of Simultaneous Users: Up to 26 users (Depends on network conditions)
  • RS-485 Port: 1x RS-485 (RJ-11, 4 wire / 2 wire, Full/Half duplex.
    Open command conversion table for Other manufactuer's PTZ camera)
  • SDHC/SD Memory Card (Optional): Alarm REC / Backup upon network failure / Manual REC (JPEG only)
  • Power Source and Power Consumption: 12 V DC: 500 mA, PoE (IEEE802.3af): 6 W (Class 0 device)
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 13/4'' x 51/2'' x 79/32''
  • Weight: 2.21
Spec Sheet