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Nitek VH1639 Video Balun Transceiver HUB -16 Ports- Up to 750 Feet




16 port video Balun Hubs with built-in surge suppression. Systems operate with other Nitek UTP video equipment including, video balun hubs, standard video balun transceivers or active receivers.

The VH1639 video balun hubs are multichannel video transmission devices that provide a low cost means of sending quality live video over Category UTP cabling. The systems can also adapt to existing communication and computer network spare pairs, or new cable installations. The VH1639 can send video up to 750 feet (228 meters) when used with other products in the VB37 or VB39 family. When used with model TR515 or TR560 active receivers, distances of 1,500 feet (457 meters) and 3,000 feet (914 meters), respectively, can be attained. The VH1639 are designed to provide superior immunity from noise and interference, such as RFI and EMI.


  • Quality video over ordinary twisted pair cable
  • Built-in protection from power surges and transients
  • High immunity to noise and interference
  • Passive units require no power
  • Video & P/T/Z over a single pair with ��up-the-coax��
    systems when used with passive baluns
  • Highly compact, only one rack unit in height
  • Conveniently integrates with Nitek Modular systems
  • Video can be run in the same cable with telephone,
    computer signals and power

16 Port Video Balun Hub

Size 1 RU x 6.0"D
Power Requirements NONE REQUIRED
Video Input Connection Standard BNC connector for
1 Vpp composite video
monochrome or color
Video Format RS170, NTSC, PAL, SECAM,
CCIR (Color or B/W)
Twisted Pair
Screw terminals providing balanced low voltage current loop
Common Mode
Operating Frequency DC to 10 MHz
Transmission Distance
w/passive units - Up to 1,000 feet
w/active units - Up to 3,000 feet
Transient Immunity Built-in
Shipping Weight 6 lbs
Wire Spec
26 to 12 AWG unshielded
twisted pair (UTP)
DC Loop Resistance
51 Ohms/1,000 feet (max)
(51 Ohms/304 meters)
Normal Capacitance
100 Ohms +/- 20%
UTP Category
2 or better