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Digital Recorders





Pelco CM9700UTP32A 32 Channel Video Receiver, Active Video Transmission Over Unshielded Twisted Pair



The CM9700UTP Series active receivers can receive live video over unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable. There are two models in the series. The CM9700-UTP16 has 16 channels and can be connected to the optional TW3016-PATCH1 patch panel. The CM9700-UTP32 has 32 channels and can be connected to the optional TW3032-PATCH1 patch panel. Each unit can be connected to a CM9780-MXB using the video ribbon cable connector.

Adaptive Technology Eliminates Manual Adjustments
Full Motion Color/Black and White Video up to 4,000 Feet (1,219 Meters)
Supports Coaxitron Control (PTZ Control Signals) up to 750 Feet (228.6 Meters)
Compatible with All Pelco Twisted Pair Equipped Cameras, Enclosures, and Domes
Video Ribbon Cable Connectors for Connecting to a CM9780-MXB
Each Channel Has a BNC Connector for Video Output
Easy Termination with the RJ-45 UTP Connectors
Optional Patch Panels Convert RJ-45 Connections to Individual Screw Terminal Connections
Supports NTSC, PAL, and SECAM
Power Supply with an IEC 320-C13 Socket for Interchangeable AC Power Cords (US, UK, AU, EU)
Built-In Surge Suppression
Can Be Mounted Into a Standard EIA, 19-Inch Rack