Ikegami ICD-38 1/3” B/W Camera



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The ICD-38 is a high-performance monochrome camera employing a 1/3″ OCML (On Chip Micro Lens) CCD sensor to deliver high resolution and high sensitivity, with a horizontal resolution of 0. 1 lux (fl.4). The ICD-38 incorporates a wide ranging AESC function which produces optimum image reproduction even without the use of an auto iris lens. In addition the ICD-38 features a switchable BLC (Back Light Compensation) as standard to ensure consistently stable image reproduction in situations involving back reproduction in situations involving back-lighting. The auto iris circuitry is selectable between VIDEO and DC iris allowing the use of either Video or DC drive lens. Furthermore the ICD-38 employs line lock with phase adjustment to facilitate multiple camera switching through a single video switcher.


  • High Seinsitivity
    High sensitive 1/3 inch CCD with a minimum illumination of 0.1 lux/ F1.4.
  • Mirror Image
    Thanks to inverting a left and right image, ICD-38/38E can settle your reversed image problem with a prism or L-angle pinhole lens.
  • AES and BLC
    Automatic Electronic Shutter (AES) and a hight quality Back Light Compensation (BLC) are featured.
  • LL Lock
    The camera supportsAC Line Lock.
  • Auto Iris Function
    Selectable between Video auto iris, DC auto iris and Manual iris lenses.