Optex FX-40 40′ X 40′ Indoor Motion Detector with Multi Focus Lens




Optex FX-40 40′ X 40′ Indoor Motion Detector with Multi Focus Lens
Our Multi-Focus Optics, Spherical Lens Design and superior optical technology provide precise detection capability and durability for unbeatable performance. Optex’s unique sensors satisfy your everyday needs – simplified installation combined with small innovations like easy wire knockouts and invaluable wiring guide convenience. ModelFX-40 : standard model featuring Multi-Focus Optics

FX-40D: superior model with additional Double Conductive Shielding
Passive Infrared Technology – Multi-Focus Lens
Easy Wiring Knockout & Wide Wiring Space
Sealed Optics
ECO Technology
Hard & Durable Spherical Lens
Selectable Pulse Count : 2 or 4
LED On/Off Switch
Tamper Switch
Improved EMI



Detection method

Passive infrared


WIDE: 12m x 12m (40ft. x 40ft.) 85ß wide

Detection Zones

WIDE: 72 zones

Mounting Height

NORMAL 1.5m – 2.4m (5 – 8ft.)


1.6° C at 0.6m/sec. (3° F at 2ft./sec.)

Detection Speed

0.3 – 1.5m/sec. (1 – 5ft./sec.)

LED Indicator

Alarm indicator optional

Alarm Period

Approx. 2.5 sec.

Alarm Output

N.C., 28V DC 0.2A max.

Tamper Switch

N.C., Open when cover is removed

Pulse Count

Approx. 20 sec. 2 or 4

Warm-up Period

Approx. 30 sec.

Power Input

9.5 16V DC

Current Draw

17mA (max.)


90g (3.2 oz.)

Operating Temperature

-20° C to + 50° C (- 4 F ° to +122 F )

Environmental Humidity

95% max.

RF Interference

NO Alarm 20V/m (FX-40)

NO Alarm 30V/m (FX-40D)

Current draw

18mA (normal), 25mA (max.)

FL-60N: Optional Lens for Long Range (Extremely Dense Multi Layer Curtain) Area Pattern


LONG: 18m x 1.8m (60ft. x 6ft.) Long Range

Detection zones