Optex LRP180QH 595′ X 13′ Outdoor Super Long Range Motion Detector with Heater




Optex LRP180QH 595′ X 13′ Outdoor Super Long Range Motion Detector with Heater
The MegaRed is the world’s first dual output external super long-range PIR detector. Ideal for large perimeter installations, the sensor provides separate near and far alarm outputs allowing the sensor to position an intruder in its field of view. When used with pan and tilt or dome cameras, the alarm outputs can be used to automatically position a camera to an area. Wiring to the detector from its controller can be made in two core cable. This two core carries power to the sensor, near and far alarm information and tamper simultaneously. Due to their extended range and narrow fields of view, MegaRed detectors should only be used over flat terrain. The MegaRed� features a unique system to minimise cable and installation costs while maximising installation distance between detector and controller. The controller provides three separate relay outputs for near detection, far detection and tamper output and can be situated either at the detector head or in the control centre. The controller can be situated up to 800m away from the sensor


Dual zone detection
Two core wiring system
Rugged construction
Mounting bracket included
Separate controller included
IP65 rated
Gold coated optical system


ModelLRP 180QH
Detection methodPassive Infrared
Coverage180m x 4m (590′ x 13′)
Detection zones24 zones (6 quad layers)
Mounting height2.5m (8′)
Power supply11 – 16V DC
Current consumption80mA(max.) at 12V DC
Alarm periodApprox. 2 sec.
Alarm outputForm C 30V DC 1A x 2 (far, near)
Tamper outputN.C. opens when cover, head removed 28V DC 0.1A
Warm-up periodApprox. 60 sec.
-40�C to +60�C
WeightHead: 4.7kg (10.4lb)
Environmental ProtectionIP65 (wiring hole to be sealed)
WalktestVisual: LED x3 pcs (far, near, tamper)
OPM-WT optional walk tester, a buzzer sounds upon detection in detection area