IKEGAMI PCS-35 Speed Dome Camera System with 23X Zoom



The PCS-35 is a compact combination color camera with a 23X optical zoom lens. It is composed of an integrated combination of color camera using a high resolution (360,000-pixel), 1/4-inch progressive CCD and a panning/tilting platform. It is also a multifunctional camera featuring diverse functions including day/night switch, Sens Up, Hyper Dynamic, 180-degree tilting, and 10X electric zooming. With the multiple video transmission system using only a dedicated controller and a single co-axial cable, a high-end preset monitoring system can be readily constructed.


  • The camera employs a compact 23X zoom lens (3.6mm-82.8mm) to support diverse shooting conditions from wide shots to long shots.

  • With sensitivity of up to 32X, the camera can reproduce clear pictures even in low illumination. (Automatic or manual switching can be selected for this function.)

  • The camera incorporates the Sens Up function to strongly support nighttime surveillance in dimly lit areas. The function enables the camera to be used with illumination of 0.5 lx.

  • In low illumination, it can automatically switch to black and white images with sensitivity for near-infrared rays. This is ideal for monitoring a moving object clearly. The camera also can be used as an ultra-sensitive camera in combination with the Sens Up function.