Dedicated Micros JBOD External Hard Disk Storage



JBOD Datasheet

The JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Disks) storage solution has been designed to extend the capacity of any Dedicated Micros digital recorder.


Combining multiple internal hard disks the JBOD can enhance any system by increasing the already large storage capacity supported on Dedicated Micros DVR’s.

Automatically detected by the digital recorded the JBOD can be installed and working within minutes. With this increase in storage capacity the customer now has the option to increase the record rate on the DVR, add cameras to the record sequence, etc. without the worry of reaching maximum capacity and reduces the frequency of off-line archiving.

Available with varying storage capacity the JBOD is ideal for any situation, and with the facility to daisy-chain the units the option for increasing as and when required is a real possibility – just add another JBOD!

The JBOD fits nicely into the Dedicated Micros portfolio and offers a true plug and play solution for additional storage – connect, minor configuration and record!

With the self diagnostic support the JBOD can identify if there are any internal issues with the hard disks and activate alarm notification that a problem has occurred, ensuring the issue can be resolved instantly.

All Dedicated Micros digital multiplexers can support up to seven SCSI devices, therefore it is possible to increase the storage of a single DVR by adding several JBOD units.

JBOD Features:

Increased Storage Capacity

The JBOD can support 1Tb of internal storage.

Automatic Detection

Once connected the Dedicated Micros DVRs automatically detect the JBOD, simple and easy configuration will have the unit working for quickly.

System Compatibility

The JBOD can be connected to any of the Dedicated Micros DVRs and the impressive DVIP products. It is also possible to ‘mix and ‘match’ the JBOD units with the DM RAID system.