Dedicated Micros RAIDSR2T4 RAID External Storage Solution



RAID Datasheet

How can extend the standard storage capacity of my DVR? How can I add redundancy into my system to ensure my recordings are safe?


The introduction of the Dedicated Micros RAID system answers, and surpasses, both these questions.

The Dedicated Micros RAID unit has been designed to offer compatible with the Dedicated Micros DVR and DVIP system. It allows additional storage capacity to be added to the existing internal hard disk of the DVR and enhances this by offering redundancy and resilience to ensure any recorded video images are securely stored.

RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) gives that ‘peace of mind’ factor that even in the unlikely event of disk failure the video information will not be lost, the redundancy of the system ensures that the video from the failed disk has simultaneously been stored on one of the other disks in the system.

Simple to install and configure the RAID unit can become part of a new installation or added to an existing system to enhance the system capabilities – increased, secure recording.

RAID Benefits:

A single RAID or multiple RAIDs can be added to the system by daisy chaining the units together, this allows the storage capacity of a single DVR to be increased to up to 14T.

With resilience and redundancy of the system the RAID unit is very powerful and would be an ideal solution for high security applications. But with the competitive pricing it means that this powerful, secure storage solution can be included in any application requiring large storage capacity.

Supporting ‘hot swap’ allows disks to be removed and replaced without interrupting the system and without the loss of any information; any power supplies or fan can also be replaced without the need to switch the unit off.

With self diagnostics any internal issues that may occur can be quickly and easily identified and notification presented to the Administrator.

RAID Features:

Supports virtually all ‘common’ Operating Systems, platforms and network environments to ensure the RAID and Dedicated Micros can meet any customer requirement.

Selective RAID levels

The RAID unit by default is set as RAID 5 however there is the option to configure the device to meet the specification requirements – RAID 0, 1, 0+1, 3 or 5, JBOD.

Hot Swap components

The RAID units supports ‘hot swap’ for the internal hard disks drives, redundant power supply unit and cooling fan ensuring the operation of the system is never interrupted and all recordings are secure.