Bosch DVA08E Lite Series Digital Video Storage Array





  • Preconfigured RAID 5 protection with up to 3.5 Terabytes of video storage (DVA-08E-08050RA) or 5,25 Terabytes (DVA-08E-08075RA)
  • Eight bays for hot swappable 3 Gbps SATA hard disk drives
  • DVSA Management using Bosch RAIDWatch GUI
  • Single SCSI U-320 interface, no loop-through

The Bosch Digital Video Storage Array (DVSA) Lite series is built for the security industries most demanding digital video storage applications, providing high capacity, unlimited flexibility and unmatched reliability.

Model Numbers

4 HDD, 2 TB

Commercial Type No: DVA-08E-04050RA

4 HDD, 4 TB

Commercial Type No: DVA-08E-04100RA

8 HDD, 4 TB

Commercial Type No: DVA-08E-08050RA

8 HDD, 8 TB

Commercial Type No: DVA-08E-08100RA