Kanivision PTX8 Eight Channel NVR with DVD-RW, H.264, Audio, Easy Set Up, IPhone, IPad, and Android Clients



-Support Over 150 IP Camera Manufacturers, 5 Years Warranty, and Made in the USA-

•  Up to 64 Cameras per Recorder

•  Remote Client Connection 

•  Built-in Motion Detection

•  Internal Storage Capacity up to 30 TB

•  Android, IPhone, and IPad Applications

•  Supports Megapixel and HD cameras

•  Unlimited Remote Users

The Kanivision PTX Series sets the standard in user friendly high definition recording.

The PTX Series is one of the most advanced security network recorder available in the market. The RX Series is built entirely using enterprise grade components with optional multiple monitor outputs for up to 6 monitors. The PTX Series can multiple task allowing live viewing, playback, PTZ camera control, and video extraction all at the same time.  The PTX Series can handle up to 64 cameras including megapixel and HD cameras upgradable to an unlimited number of cameras. ​

The Kanivision PTX series is advanced network video recorder designed for small, medium and large-scale installations, including multi-site, multi-server deployments. It provides operators with an effective way to manage the entire surveillance system, including viewing an unlimited number of cameras, controlling access at entrances and creating evidence.

Quick and easy to set up and manage, the PTX Series’ powerful features such as system configuration wizards and auto-detection of hardware significantly reduce the time and costs of deploying large installations.


Easy to set up and operate

• Automatic camera discovery: Ensures rapid discovery of hundreds of different IP-based video cameras and encoders from numerous vendors, speeding up installation process

• Configuration wizards: Guide users through the process of adding cameras, defining rules and configuring storage and archive areas, which simplifies installation

• Consolidated user interface: Security operators can manage cameras and alarms, control gates and entrances, broadcast audio messages and export evidence all in one easy-to-navigate interface.

Performance enhancements

Dual streaming: Two independent, configurable video streams for live and recorded viewing can be individually optimized for stream compression, resolution and frame rate

Built-in motion detection: Optimize hardware by detecting motion on key frames or on a specific part of the video in regular quality or lower video resolution, lowering memory and central processing unit (CPU) consumption even when additional cameras are added

Storage: Optimize disk usage with long-term storage, featuring dynamic archiving that saves disk space and short-term storage that stores video on fast, local disks