GE DIGI-4-160 Four Channel Digital Video Recorder with 160GB & Front USB Ports



Replace your traditional VCR/multiplexer combination with GE’s new Digia, a low-cost, compact, four-channel digital video recorder. The Digia brings all the benefits of digital security monitoring to the budget conscious small business owner. 

Standard Features

  • Entry-level digital solution (MPEG-4) for small applications
  • Operates in Triplex mode – view, record, and playback images simultaneously
  • Recording speed up to 120 fps NTSC (100 fps PAL)
  • Live viewing over local Ethernet
  • Remote software allows live viewing or playback of video over LAN, WAN or Internet
  • Secure remote configuration via web-browser
  • Remote alarm recording capability
  • USB 2.0 port for quick and easy archiving
  • Full duplex audio