Garrett Sea Hunter MK-II Metal Detector


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Product description

The Garret Sea Hunter Mark II metal detector can be used underwater with a short stem or on the beach with its long stem configuration. Its electronic housing may be mounted above, below or under the cuff in either short or long stem configuration. It may also be carried in the belt pouch provided.

Dredge up your own piece of history and take up a hobby that could very well pay for itself with a few good finds: metal detecting. The Garrett Sea Hunter II metal detector is submergible, allowing the user to take the search for treasure into the briny deep, where shipwrecks and sunken treasures await discovery. The detector’s design allows for four different stem configurations: long stem with the ScubaMate box attached at the hip, long stem with the ScubaMate attached under cuff, long stem with the ScubaMate attached at top, or short stem configuration intended for convenience while diving. The versatile ScubaMate box includes a jack for the included headphones (submergible up to 200 feet) and knobs for adjusting the device’s sensitive trash elimination, threshold, and power level settings. Included with the detector are various straps for attaching the ScubaMate to a wetsuit, an instructional video, treasure wipes, and a Garrett baseball cap. –Benjamin Reese


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