i-Rocks IRK27WF-BK Biometric Fingerprint Reader USB Keyboard (Black)


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IRK27WF is a USB keyboard with built-in Biometric fingerprint reader. The fingerprint reader allows you to log into Windows with just your fingerprint thus bypassing the need to remember password. The bundled password manager allows you to associate your fingerprint with websites that require username and password to login. You can then use your fingerprint to automatically log into those websites without typing in your login credential. The encryption function of the software allows you to use 256-bit AES to encrypt/decrypt your files as needed. The driver supports Windows Biometrics Framework and Windows Hello. Features Biometric fingerprint reader supports Windows login with just your fingerprint. Bundled software supports Website auto login with fingerprint and file encryption with 256-bit AES. Windows Biometrics Framework support. Windows Hello support. Plug and Play connectivity- no driver required.


1.Interface: USB

2.Fingerprint type : Capacitive touch sensor

3.Fingerprint ID : 10 fingerprint IDs

4.Key number : 104 Keys (By language)

5.Key type: Membrane key-switch

6.Num, Caps, Scroll lock LED indicator

7.Dimension: 460 X 161 X 33 mm

Color: Black

Bullets change to:

Integrated smart fingerprint reader,

sign-in to Windows with your fingerprint, no need to remember usernames and

passwords, supports Windows Hello.


file one touch Lock/Unlock.




splash-resistant membrane structure durable design.


ID- Password Manager, File/files encryption/decryption, Fingerprint Maintenance



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