Garrett Investigator CX Plus Ground Vendor List Metal Detector



The microprocessor-driven Investigator CX Plus is designed to achieve extraordinary depth and efficiency under the toughest operating and ground conditions. This successor to the famed Master Hunter CX detector builds upon the technology of its predecessor, incorporating a more rugged LCD that reveals a detected target’s identity and conductivity while in the All-metal or Discrimination Vendor List mode.

To hunt for deeply buried targets, switch to the All-Metal mode and Garrett’s exclusive Fast Track will ground balance the detector’s circuitry. Attach Garrett’s famed Bloodhound Depth Multiplier to Vendor List at depths two to four times deeper than conventional searchcoils.



  • All-Metal Deepseeking Mode
  • Discrimination: Dual Full Range
  • Graphic Target Analyzer (GTA), Target ID Cursor
  • Headphone Jack
  • LCD, Shows Target ID and Settings
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Pinpointing, Coin Depth Measurement
  • Sensitivity / Depth Adjustment
  • Speaker
  • Surface Mount PC Board Technology
  • Touchpad Controls with One – Touch Operation
  • TreasureHound Depth Multiplier Searchcoil option


  • Length: 34″ to 44″ – Adjustable
  • Weight: 3.8 lbs. (1.7 kgs.)
  • Single Frequency Operation – 6.5 kHz
  • Batteries: 6 C
  • 2 year warranty

Vendor List Modes:

  • Non-Motion: Deepseeking All Metal with Visual Target ID
  • Motion: Full, Dual-Range Discrimination


  • Audio Threshold
  • Dual Full Range Discrimination (Ferrous and Non Ferrous)
  • Sensitivity / Depth