Pelco PP100 Parapet Mount for WM2000 Series



The PP100 is designed for use with our EWM (Esprit®), PSWM (PS20 Scanner) and WM2000 wall mounts. When used with the appropriate wall mount, you can mount an enclosure, pan/tilt, Esprit positioning system, or PS20 Series scanner to the inside of a parapet.

• Rugged Construction • Unique 360° Positioning • Fast, Simple Installation • Feedthrough Wiring • Supports up to 75 Pounds (34 kg) • Parapet Adapter for the EWM (Esprit®), PSWM (PS20 Scanner), and WM2000 Wall Mounts • Mounts to Inside of Parapet

• Safety-Engineered to Eliminate Hazardous Installation and Servicing