Pelco MX4016CS 16 Channel Color Simplex Multiplexer



The Genex® high performance, color duplex multiplexer utilizes the latest in digital video processing technology, providing high-quality recordings and outstanding multi-camera displays.

Key Features

• Full Duplex Operation • “Covert” Feature Allows Selected Cameras to be Recorded, but not Displayed During Live Viewing or Playback. Viewing or Playback or “Covert” Cameras can be Password Protected • Simultaneous Viewing of Up to 16 Cameras While Recording or Playing Tapes • Advanced Digital Video Processing, Including Advanced Image Re-sizing and Digital Filtering. Provides High Quality Multi-Camera and Zoom Displays • Looping Inputs • Multi-Camera Display Modes – PIP (2), Quad (4), Nine (9), and Sixteen (16) Camera Displays • Advanced Activity Detection – Programmable Detection Mask and Sensitivity Levels for Each Camera • Four VCR Compatibility Modes – Standard, Auto Tracking, VCR Matching, and Custom • Playback of Other Manufacturers‘ Tapes* (see note on back of ) • Menu Programming for Quick, Easy Setup • Mutli-language Support; English (Default), French, Spanish, or German • On-Screen Alphanumeric Display – 12-Character Camera Titles, Time, Date, and Alarm • Three Independent Monitor Outputs – Main Output – Full-Screen Call-up, Multi-Camera Displays, VCR Playback and Sequencing – Spot Monitor Output – Full-Screen Sequencing, Activity, and Alarms – Auxiliary Monitor Output – Full-Screen Sequencing, Activity, and Alarms • Alarm Handling – Priority or Exclusive Alarm Recording and Display • Compatible with S-VHS VCRs and Monitors (Main Output) • Remote Control via RS-485 Communications Port

• Pan/Tilt and Lens Control via Coaxitron®** (see note on back of )