Pelco KBD4000 Pushbutton Multiplexer Keyboard/Joystick



Product Features

• Remote Controllable Multiplexer Functions • Select up to 256 Cameras from One Keyboard Connected to a String of MX4000 Genex® Multiplexers • Select up to 128 Cameras from a Maximum of Four Keyboards through an MX4000SVR Genex Multiplexer Server • Joystick for Fixed-Speed and Variable-Speed Control of Pan/Tilt Units • Preset Position and Pattern Control • Main and Spot Monitor Control • Digital Zoom Control on Main Monitor

• Auxiliary Operation

The KBD4000 Keyboard is a full-function keyboard controller for the MX4000 Genex® Multiplexer and the MX4000SVR Genex Multiplexer Server.

There are two modes of operation – multiplexer mode and multiplexer server mode – depending on whether the keyboard is connected to a multiplexer or to a server.

In the multiplexer mode, a single keyboard interfaces up to 16 multiplexers that are daisy-chained together. With 9-channel multiplexers, the keyboard can control up to 144 cameras; with 16-channel multiplexers, up to 256 cameras can be controlled.

In the multiplexer server mode, up to four keyboards can be connected to a server, which interfaces up to eight multiplexers. Up to 72 cameras can be controlled with 9-channel multiplexers or 128 cameras with 16-channel multiplexers.

In addition to performing all the control functions that can be done from the front panel of the multiplexer, the keyboard also features a three-axis joystick and additional keys for full control of fixed-speed and variable-speed pan, tilt, and lens functions.

Under control of the keyboard, cameras can be viewed on the main and spot monitor outputs of the multiplexer. On the main monitor, select full screen or multiple screen (4,9 or 16)images or picture-in-picture display. Get a closer look with the 2X and 4X zoom feature. Use the spot monitor for control of pan/tilt and zoom functions, and to operate presets, auxiliaries, and patterns.

When used with a Genex multiplexer, the KBD4000 Keyboard is capable of Coaxitron® control of pan, tilt, and lens functions, including setting and calling presets and patterns. (See note below)

The keyboard provides two methods of camera addressing. One method allows selection of cameras by entering the multiplexer unit ID (1-16)followed by the desired camera (1-16).The second method allows selection of cameras by entering an incremental camera number (unit 1 =cameras 1-16, unit 2 =cameras 17-32,etc.).

The keyboard is supplied with a 25-foot (7.6 m) data cable with RJ-45 connectors for connecting the keyboard to a multiplexer or to the Local Keyboard Port of a server. One keyboard can be connected to a multiplexer or the Local Keyboard Port of a server. Three additional keyboards can be connected to the Remote Keyboard(s) Port of a server. Multiple keyboards may not be connected without a server (MX4000SVR).If using the Remote Keyboard(s) Port, a remote keyboard wiring kit (KBDKIT/KBDKIT-X) is required for each keyboard.