Samsung SSC-1000 Smart Dome Controller with LCD Screen and PTZ Control



The SSC-1000 controller can be used to easily control the Samsung Electronics SmartDome or zoom Series cameras which include the Pan Tilt Zoom Series Dome Cameras, the High Impact Dome Cameras and Motorized Zoom Lens Cameras.

The SSC-1000 controller features a backlit LCD, four direction joystick, camera call up and camera programming buttons. The controller will manipulate up to 128 devices. It utilizes RS- 485 in full or half duplex communication and up to eight SSC-1000 devices can be used in one system configuration. Programming of switching and control functions such as video switching, pan/tilt lens control, and external machinery control of the cameras in the system can be accomplished through the SSC-1000 controller.

  • Long Distance Control: Up to 1.2km On RS-485 Communication
  • Controls Up To 128 Pan Tilt Zoom, Dome Cameras
  • Up To 8 Qty. Of SSC-1000 Controllers In Each System
  • Multi-Protocol