Kanivision BGP-7550 Advanced Baggage Screening X-Ray Machine with Network Support and Advanced Functions



1. Visual and Audible alarms 2. Network Interface: could connect local area network and manage multiple scanners at the same time 3. XRay Transmission under auto control for added safety 4. User friendly image monitoring 5. Simple user interface saving space 6. Simple turning on and off functions. 7. Zoom and Enlargement functions.

8. Auto self diagnosis functions saving time in maintenance and repair

Technical Specification

Tunnel Size : 26(W) ×20(H) inch. EQUIPMENT SIZE: 84(L) x 35(W) x 46(H) inch. Conveyor speed : 0.22m/s Conveyor max load:170KG Single inspection dosage: < 1.5μGY Wire resolution: 0.0787mm metal line Steel Penetration : 38 mm armor plate Film safety: FOR ISO 1600 Maximum Leakage radiation :