Pelco PT280-24P Light-Duty Indoor Pan/Tilt Up to 15Lb (6.8 Kg) 24 VAC w/ High Speed Pan & Feedthrough



The PT280-24P is a “mini” light duty, indoor pan/tilt that is factory prewired for feedthrough of all control functions (pan/tilt, motorized zoom lens, 24 VAC camera power, and video). All connections are made at the input connector, eliminating the need for wiring harnesses made in the field. This feature greatly reduces installatiFREE, while increasing the reliability and serviceability of the system.


• “Mini” Pan and Tilt • 24 VAC Operation • Indoor Applications • Inverted Operation • Pre-wired for Zoom Lens, Camera Power and Video • High Speed Pan Movement (12°/sec ±1°) • Capable of Auto/Random Scan Operation when used with Appropriate Control

• Maximum Load 15 Pounds (6.8 kg)