Pelco IRD2024 Coaxitron Indoor Receiver Fixed Speed



The IRD/ERD2000 Series receiver operates all of Pelco’s fixed speed pan/tilts and domes. It replaces the non-preset models in the CX9000RX/RXI Series receiver. This receiver offers removable screw terminal connectors for quick and easy installation. Power and communication indicators are provided for troubleshooting purposes.

• Indoor/Outdoor Models • Coaxitron® Compatible, Fixed Speed • Pan/Tilt Control, Including Auto and Random Scan • Lens Control (Zoom, Focus, Iris) • Camera Power (24 VAC ) • Enclosure Power (Outdoor Model Only) • Two Auxiliary Outputs • NTSC or PAL Video • Test Local Control Capability • Ground Isolated BNCs (Eliminates Ground Loops) • Video Transient Protection • Power and Communication Indicator LEDs

• Lockable Enclosure (Outdoor Model Only)