AVE VSSI-Pro-ATM ATM Interface



AVE offers a complete package for monitoring bank locations as well as ATM machines. AVE’s solution allows for the collection of critical data and video. The system can automatically notify security staff, archive suspicious activity, and switch to real-time recording if needed.

American Video Equipment’s Video Serial Interface for Automatic Teller Machines connects between the modem and the ATM or to the External Camera Controller port on the ATM. The interface monitors the data stream from the ATM and inserts printer or display data from the receipt into the video picture.

The VSSI Pro and the Triport ATM-2CH cable handles SDLC, Sync, Async, and Bisync formats for all ATM Hosts.

Available ATM Interfaces Interbold, MDS, Diebold, Fujitzu, Hitachi, NCR, Mosler, Omron, Siemens, Unisys/Burroughs and IBM and all others running emulation modes of the above vendors