AVE VSI-Pro Cash Register Interface with 2 Alarms, T/D Lock, Video Text Inserter, Programmable for Most Cash Registers



American Video Equipment’s Video Serial Interface (VSI-PRO) allow transaction data from cash registers to be displayed on top of the normal video picture. Cash register interface applications are an excellent method for controlling theft and fraud in retail stores and are gaining widespread use in security industry.

Retail business operators lose billions of dollars in the USA alone. In many businesses like, restaurants, bars, ice cream parlors, parking lots, landfills etc…. there is very little theft or fraud by the patrons or customers, employees account for the majority of the losses by these business owners. The VSI-PRO is a must wherever employees handle money and merchandise.

Once a transaction is started, data is generated and sent to the VSI-PRO from the cash register. The VSI-Pro overlays this data on top of the normal camera picture and also sends a signal that activates the DVR. This unit provides two benefits. First, the VSI-PRO links the data with the picture. On the monitor screen you will see not only the cashier and the product being sold, but also the price charged by the clerk for that product. This allows visual comparison of the physical items being rung into the register and the actual regiser data of the transaction overlaid on the video picture. All of these elements are recorded onto a DVR, this allows for a store owner to review the scene and verify the legitimacy of the check out. The Second benefit of the VSI-PRO is its ability trigger DVR recording so that only relevant information is being captured on video. For instance, a grocery store owner concerned about losses, may not want to watch every transaction but only those with a sales amount over $100. The powerful programming capabilities of the VSI-PRO exception report, it is possible to program the VSI-PRO to alarm (or trigger recording) for what the store owner considers exceptional events, such as any transaction over $100.

The VSI-PRO can be covertly or overtly installed to allow the user to record such event as; “sweet hearting”, voids, no sale, returns & refunds, short changing and substitute scanning.

Without the VSI-PRO you cannot easily tell that the cashier has done a substitute scan. This common theft practice occurs when the cashier scans a low-cost item in place of a more expensive one. In this case, the cashier scans a candy bar in place of a bottle of whisky.

The VSI-PRO shows without a doubt that the bartender has only entered some of the items of a transaction yet the sale has been finalized. In most cases, the employee will pocket the difference between the amount enteredinto the cash register and the actual total. In many cases, this type of theft can go undetected for months or even years.

Cash Trac
American Video Equipment’s CashTrac feature allows you to “Track the Cash” on the AVE DVRs as well as select manufacturers DVRs. The CashTrac allows a user to define search criteria based on transaction types like, void, no sale, refund, discount or any other string that it user defined. These searches can be done well after the event for true Post-Exception Processing.