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SANGMAO LIULANGJI / CCTV / Chinese only / 4DVD Region: All (Worldwide) PAL Language: Chinese ISBN : 9787799826707 111-episode TV animation series “San Mao” Part 3 A wonderful surprise fun adventure, a series of after 10 years of animation quality polished masterpiece Introduction Mr. Zhang Leping film of the same name adapted from comic books, describes the thirties on the beach, the old China has become the dream of all sectors of people to achieve the cradle of gold, San Mao, a thin poor, wandering around the plight of children living in the thirties on the beach, so a false picture of the metropolis. One day Larry came to San Mao and the small companion near a large casino, but the accident has been the generosity of grain and oil tycoon Wu Zifu charity, followed by Wu Zifu mystery evening falls unconscious. Furthermore, Wu Zifu relationship with the San Mao and San Mao’s life experience, attracted unscrupulous Hou Yiwen Sunbeam Daily tracking survey. To make a living, San Mao had shoe, entertainer, and later went to work printing apprentice, he stole rice and small Larry was thrown into prison. San Mao learned when his personal life, he excited, and go to the hospital to find Oil tycoon Wu Zifu to his son about to recognize their moment in the emergence of a small bald San Mao the pursuit of happiness shattered dream home. Little Baldy and Wu Zifu to recognize his son, and indulging in the joy of the dinner. At this time sadly left San Mao Wu, and Wu in the night by a fire engulfed the house … … through the film, mainly justice and evil, justice and fraud, the contest between light and darkness and struggle. This focus on San Mao created a clever witty, kind and noble character of the typical image of Chinese children, to show our traditional virtues of courage and advanced culture moving to educate today’s young generation.


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