Bosch DNR-753-16A050 16 Channel Network Video Recorder with H.264, DVD-RW, and Remote Monitoring





  • Real-time H.264 recording and playback in genuine 4CIF resolution for up to 32 cameras simultaneously
  • Hybrid models offer up to 16 analog and 16 IP camera channels; IP-only models offer up to 32 IP camera channels
  • Fully automated assignment and management of H.264 IP cameras
  • Internal storage up to 8 TB on four front-accessible hard drives with optional on-board RAID-4 support

The Bosch 700 Series Hybrid and Network Recorders offer top-of-the-line performance and adaptability. Equipped with four front-replaceable hard drives and extensive integration features, the 700 Series is ideal for medium to large-scale systems. 700 Series’ superior image quality and compression gets the most out of CCTV images. Available in both IP-only and hybrid models, the 700 Series …

Model Numbers:

DNR-753-16A050 (16CH/DVD/500GB/1 NW) DNR-753-16A200 (16CH/DVD/2TB/1 NW)DNR-753-16A400 (16CH/DVD/4TB/1 NW)

DNR-753-16A800 (16CH/DVD/8TB/1 NW)