Milestone XProtect Professional Advanced Video Management Software Supporting up to 64 Cameras Per Server, Base License



The Xprotect professional base license doesn’t come with any camera licenses, if cameras are going to be added to the system, camera licenses needs to be purchased.  Please Click Here to purchase the camera licenses.

XProtect Professional is comprehensive open platform IP video management software for mid-sized, single-site installations. With multiple configurable servers, it supports up to 64 cameras per server and an unlimited number of users.

XProtect Professional is ideal for capturing HD video and for installations requiring supreme playback functionality, by providing an efficient way to manage video and swiftly export evidence. Search tools such as Smart Search and the Sequence Explorer allow you to quickly find incidents from one or more cameras.

A complete solution for campuses that have multiple buildings at a single-site, XProtect Professional features Milestone Integration Platform (MIP) support, enabling integration with business systems and video analytics.

The power to do more

XProtect Professional has powerful features that optimize the performance of existing hardware.

  • Multiple servers: Easily expand your installation and add more cameras and hardware without decreasing the performance of the system because additional devices can be spread among up to five servers
  • Dual streaming: Two independent, configurable video streams for live and recorded viewing can be individually optimized for stream compression, resolution and frame rate
  • Improved motion detection: Lowers memory and central processing unit (CPU) consumption even when additional cameras are added and can detect motion on key frames or on a specific part of the video in regular or lower quality resolution

Create high-quality evidence

It is easy to create video evidence with tools that help you find and investigate incidents

  • Sequence Explorer: Displays a visual overview of captured video and time intervals from one of more cameras as drag-and-throw image thumbnails, enabling quick evidence creation
  • Panomorph lens: ImmerVision Enables® 360° panomorph lens support gives a complete surround view of your installation. A panomorph lens increases your video surveillance coverage and removes blind spots so you can see more with the same number of cameras
  • XProtect® Smart Client – Player: A video viewer that is added to exported video and audio with one click. Evidence is exported in Milestone database format along with any relevant information you choose to add, making it easy for law enforcement to quickly view footage of the incident and then re-export the most essential video

Integration options

XProtect Professional supports numerous 3rd party plug-ins and applications providing you with a broad selection of integrations. For example, you can minimize shrinkage by using XProtect Transact  to combine video with transaction data from POS or ATMs .

XProtect Professional is a single-server IP video surveillance system supporting up to 64 cameras. It features full functionality of advanced management, flexible scheduling, fast searching and analysis, and has the widest choice of network video and computer hardware equipment.

System Overview

Recording serverThe recording server is the core of the XProtect Professional system. It has several functions:

  • Connection to each IP camera and IP video encoder
  • Recording of video and audio
  • Receive events and activate pre-defined alerts and actions
  • Host and control access from XProtect clients
  • Logging of activity

Management is done directly on the recording server in an included administrator module.

ViewerThe Viewer lets the operator/administrator do basic viewing and browsing of video data. The Viewer is directly attached to the Recording server.
Smart ClientThis advanced and full-featured remote client provides operators with all daily functions, such as simultaneous live view and playback from 64 cameras, intelligent PTZ functions, advanced search functions and export of evidence material.
Remote ClientThe Remote Client offers live view and playback of up to 16 cameras from the same or multiple recording server(s). Operators are able to perform most daily operations.
Mobile ClientBasic view and playback on a mobile device from the same or multiple servers. In live mode the operator can Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) and control input/output devices (i.e. open gate, turn on lights, etc.) In browse mode, the operator can search recordings based on time/date and motion detection.
MatrixThe Matrix functionality enables the operator to send live video from up to 4 cameras to PCs with the Smart Client installed.