Milestone XProtect Corporate Large Scale IP Video Management Software with Server Failover Camera License



The Xprotect Corporate camera license must have an existing Xprotect Corporate base license.  If you don’t have an existing base license, please Click Here to purchase one.  If the camera licenses are being purchased with a new base license, the one year PMA is mandatory with every camera license.

XProtect Corporate is powerful, IP video management software designed for large-scale, multi-site installations. XProtect Corporate supports an unlimited number of cameras, users and sites.  XProtect Corporate provides the ultimate peace of mind for high risk security installations. Edge storage support combined with XProtect Corporate’s failover recording servers and redundant management server ensure video recordings are never interrupted and access to the system is always maintained.

Centralized management is now even easier with Milestone Federated Architecture™, while integrated map applications and built-in support for XProtect Smart Wall ensure exceptional surveillance overview and control.

XProtect Corporate has powerful new features such as bookmarking, alarm manager and multi-stage storage to help you efficiently manage complex installations.    

Limitless multi-server and multi-site solution – XProtect Corporate supports an unlimited number of cameras, servers, sites and users.Future-proof scalability that lets you grow your installation according to your needs.
Milestone Federated Architecture – System concept that enables multiple individual XProtect Corporate systems to be interconnected into a hierarchical architecture.Allows unlimited system scalability and optimal operating flexibility, by combining centralized and local management into one efficient, easy-to-manage system.
Centralized management – Full configuration of all devices, Recording Servers and users from a central manager console connected to the Management Server holding all configuration settings in a Microsoft SQL database.Helps reduce operating costs by ensuring fast, efficient management of very large multiple-site installations.
Bookmarking – Allows users to mark video sections of particular interest and add descriptive notes, for later analysis or sharing with other users.An ideal tool for helping users share information about incidents.
Alarm Manager – Single-point alarm function that provides a clear and consolidated overview of security and system-related alarms.Makes it easier for operators to focus on critical alarms.
Intuitive map function – Multilayered map environment provides interactive access and control of the complete surveillance system, at-a-glance overview of the system integrity, and seamless drag-and-drop integration with the new Smart Wall product option.Instant physical security situational awareness.
XProtect Smart Wall – add-on video wall product option – Flexible and hardware-agnostic video wall option that is seamlessly integrated with XProtect’s management and Smart Client environments.Greater efficiency and instant situational awareness.
High availability failover servers – Redundancy options for Recording and Management servers.Ensures maximum system uptime for continuous system availability.
Edge Storage – Allows cameras to function as failover devices to ensure uninterrupted video recording in the event of network or server failure.A safeguard feature that ensures uninterrupted video recording in the event of network or server failure.
Multi-stage storage – Unique data storage solution that combines superior performance and scalability with video data grooming possibility.Reduces the cost of long-term video storage.
Versatile rule system – Set up scheduled or event-driven camera and output actions with numerous options including support for time profiles.Flexible management of events that controls the surveillance procedures – automization that reduces the need for manual intervention.
Multi-cast support – Send one video stream to multiple Smart Clients. The infrastructure must support IGMP to reach remote networks.Preserves bandwidth in installations with many users.
Multi-streaming support – Lets you establish two independent streams from a supported camera to the recording server with different resolutions, encodings and frame rates.Optimizes resource usage.

Milestone Federated Architecture


Multi-stage Storage Management

Optional video data grooming enables compression of the video by reducing the frame rate of the video data. Archived data is online and available for clients. (click to enlarge)

Alarm Manager

The Smart Client 5.5 with the alarm list, alarm preview window and the map function provides instant situational awareness, and the ability to focus on the most critical alarms. (click to enlarge)

Smart Client 5.5 Playback Bookmark

The Smart Client 5.5 with a listing of bookmarks in the recording search, and bookmark indicators in the time.

Sequence Explorer – Bookmarks

The new Sequence Explorer provides easy overview of made bookmarks, with the ability to search and playback bookmarks.  

Storage Overview

The storage overview gives clear overview of used versus available storage in total different storage drives, and for individual cameras.