Panasonic WJ-SX650 Mid Range Analog Matrix Switcher





Panasonic WJ-SX650 Mid Range Analog Matrix Switcher
The Matrix System 650 from Panasonic is the new, easier way to configure mid-sized to large surveillance systems. This remarkable new system makes it simple to fully integrate up to 256 cameras, 32 monitors, and 60 registered users. Adding the WJ-HD300A Series Digital Disk Recorders delivers the high image quality and high storage capacity that state-of-the-art surveillance requires. The Matrix System 650 is a simple, flexible architecture that makes it ideal for a wide range of applications including shopping malls, multipurpose complexes, office buildings and banks.
Supports Up to 256 Cameras (using 8 video input boards)
Front Access for Main Board and Power Supply Maintenance
Supports up to 1,024 Alarm Inputs and Up to 64 Alarm Outputs
Output Support for up to 32 Monitors
Supports Connection of up to 16 WJ-HD300A Series Recorders (using 2 video output boards)
Supports simultaneous use of up to 16 WV-CU650 System Controllers + Personal Computer (PC)


Operating Instructions