GE SDVR-10PII Ten Channel Color Triplex Multiplexer- Recorder with CD-RW, ProII



The addition of the Pro II model to the StoreSafe line means that users can store twice as much information on the same size of hard drive. Using new WaveJet technology, the StoreSafe Pro II captures high-quality images and includes a built-in CD-R for transferring video evidence. 

Standard Features

  • Multiplexer functionality with built-in digital recording
  • Advanced video compression doubles the recording capacity compared to previous models
  • Available ProBridge interface associates POS/ATM or serial device text with recorded video
  • Records up to 60 pictures per second for up to 16 cameras
  • Built in CD-R for saving video evidence to a PC-compatible CD
  • Simultaneous recording, playback, and live multiscreen viewing
  • Remote programming and control through the RS-232 and Ethernet ports