Network Surveillance Server, 20 cameras, 1TB, built-in Analog Board (16 channels)



The NSR-1050H/1T has a physical storage capacity of 1TB and supports both legacy analog, and network cameras. It also supports both HD and SD cameras/displays, and has an open-platform design with ease of setup and operation. The NSR-1050H/2T supports up to 16 analog cameras without any adapters and supports up to 20 network and analog cameras in total. It can also be used with up to seven units of the optional NSRE-S200/4T (4TB Hard Disk Storage Device), allowing for the addition of 28TB storage capacity. With the NSR-1050H/1T, you can open the door to a world of new possibilities in video surveillance.


  • Hybrid recording (Analog/IP, SD/HD)
  • Open platform (Supports IP cameras of some other brands)
  • Easy setup and intuitive operation
  • Max. 20 cameras supported (IP/Analog total)
  • Max. 16 analog cameras direct connection
  • 1TB Physical Storage Capacity
  • HDMI outputs for Full HD displays
  • Supports HD/Megapixel cameras
  • Additional storage of NSRE-S200/4T (4 TB) x 7 units
  • Remote viewing by controller software (supplied)
  • Flexible user management


Sony NSR1050H 20 Camera Network Surveillance Recorder with 1TB of Storage