Samsung SRN-3250 32 Channel High Performance Network Video Recorder with H.264, and Remote Montoring




The SRN-3250 is a high-quality, high performance network-based video recorder supporting up to 32 network streams. It is capable of recording 120 fps at 1.3MP or 480 fps at 704X480 resolution.  The NVR is compatible with the Net-i Viewer Network Management software and provides seamless interoperability with Samsung’s IP devices and other manufacturer’s specific IP devices. A key feature of Samsung’s NVRs is that they offer the ability to segregate camera video traffic from playback and display traffic without the need for complicated and expensive network hardware or integration work.  This feature will reduce the concerns of the IT department while at the same time simplifying the installation.

Key Features:

• H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG multiple codec    • CIF high resolution images at 960fps(N), 800fps(P) in real-time

• Up to 20TB using external storage option