Kanivision DEX500 Handheld Explosives Trace Detector



The DEX500 is one of the most accurate portable explosive detectors in the market today.  It is an IMS (Ion Mobility Spectrometry) based handheld explosives trace detector, it is designed and produced to prevent bomb attacks and has played an important role in preventing terrorist attacks all over the world.

The DEX500 has many features:

– Portable

At 7Lbs with battery, the DEX500 is one of the lightest portable explosives detectors.  

– Long Battery Life

The DEX500 comes with two four-hour batteries to ensure long term operations.

– Ease of use

The DEX500 is easy to use and doesn’t need expertise in bomb detection to operate.  The DEX500 will detect automatically without the need to press any buttons.  The unit also comes with a 3.5” touchscreen for ease of use and operations.

– High Sensitivity and fast response.

The sensitivity of the DEX500 is up to nanogram and pictogram levels. It detects the suspect substances in less than 10 seconds. Truncated alarm and automatic internal cleaning features improves the efficiency of security checks during extended use.


– Portable – Long Battery Life – Ease of Use – High Sensitivity and Fast Response – Auto Calibration – Auto Cleaning Features – Touchscreen

– Low Cost of Ownership