Network Surveillance Server, 32 cameras, 2TB



The NSR-1100/2T has a physical storage capacity of 2TB and supports both legacy analog, and network cameras. It also supports HD/SD cameras/displays and has an open-platform design with ease of setup and operation. The NSR-1100/2T supports up to 32 network/analog cameras in total. With the optional NSBK-A16, up to 16 analog cameras can be connected. The NSR-1100/2T can be also used with up to seven units of the NSRE-S200/4T (4TB Hard Disk Storage Device), allowing for the addition of 28TB storage capacity. With the NSR-1100/4T, you can open the door to a world of new possibilities in video surveillance.


  • Hybrid recording (Analog/IP, SD/HD)
  • Open platform (Supports IP cameras of some other brands)
  • Easy setup and intuitive operation
  • Max. 32 cameras supported (IP/Analog total)
  • Max. 16 analog cameras connection (with an optional NSBK-A16)
  • 4 TB Physical Storage Capacity
  • RAID 0
  • HDMI outputs for Full HD displays
  • Supports HD/Megapixel cameras
  • Additional storage of optional NSRE-S200/4T (4 TB) x 7 units
  • Remote viewing by controller software (supplied)
  • Flexible user management