Newcon Optik NVS 6-3/XT Gen. 3 High Definition 1×25 Dual Tube Aviator Googles



The NVS 6 aviator night vision goggles feature binocular viewing and were designed specifically for use by helicopterpilots during night flight missions. Whether the mission involves fixed or rotary wing aircraft, flight crews can now benefit from NVS 6 aviator system, specifically adapted to their needs. The goggles allow the aviator to navigate at nap of the earth, flying off, landing and other operations that are practically impossibleor extremely dangerous at night conditions without the use of illuminating resources. Improved situational awareness and system performance, in addition to ergonomic and technological enhancements, will benefit both law enforcement and civil operators. Adjustable 25 mm eyepieces provide improved eye relief enabling excellent viewing regardless of the eyepiece positioning. Ergonomically designed interfacecontrols including interpupillary adjustments and vertical, fore-aft, and tilt adjustments allow improved viewingof the entire system field of view (40 degrees).

The lightweight binocular can be mounted to a variety of aviator helmets.