Canon VK-64 4075B001 Network Video Recording Software, Up to 64 Cameras



A customizable Viewing Area allows the user flexibilty to display everything that needs to be seen. View video from any of the cameras on the network. All registered cameras on your network are grouped into location and zone. Thumbnails of the video stream are displayed at the top of the screen, based on the location and zone selected. These images can be drag-and droped onto the viewing area, and changed to any size.

Variable Display Size
When using the SXGA monitor, a maximum of 35 screens of live and recorded images can be displayed or played back simultaneously (up to 24 screens for the XGA). The VK-64 v2.2 software does only support 16 different live cameras.

Full Screen Function
The Full Screen Function allows the user to enlarge the viewer layout to full screen. In addition, the timeline and camera selector areas can be hidden when maximum viewing area is necessary.

View Live and Recorded Video
Review pre-recorded video while simultaneously maintaining surveillance of live cameras. Video can be seen from a single location at different times, or playback can be synchronized with other cameras.

Pop Up Function
Automatically displays video on the camera when motion detection or a sensory event occurs. This prevents important scenes from being overlooked.

Status Bar
A status bar at the bottom of the screen displays total frame rate, CPU, the number of video windows in the layout, and the current display event.