Panasonic WJ-GXE900 MPEG2 Codex Encoder





Panasonic WJ-GXE900 MPEG2 Codex Encoder
With the new Panasonic WJ-GX900 MPEG2 encoder and the WJ-GXD900 MPEG2 decoder, a high-quality video image monitoring system can be built by connecting camera surveillance points and the control room. With conventional wide-area/large image size surveillance systems, the problem of increased image quality deterioration exists the farther away the camera is located from the control room. The Panasonic system compresses the camera image with a high-quality MPEG2 image encoder and transmits the data to IPs, while a decoder receives the data to be displayed on a monitor. This technology ensures that the image quality will not be affected by transmission distance, thus enabling image monitoring from anywhere with a high quality image equivalent to that of TV broadcasting.

There are two types of image transmission systems –the multicast system and the unicast system–either of which can be selected and configured according to the type of system or application software.

High-definition MPEG2
Low delay of approximately 150ms
Camera control using a single coaxial cable
Camera title display
Multicast transmission


Operating Instructions