Pelco GW5000 Endura Web Services Gateway




The GW5000 gateway provides an interface to the Endura® system for users communicating through a public network with limited bandwidth, such as a local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), or the Internet. The Endura technology provides high quality digital images that often exceed the bandwidth capabilities of public networks. When this occurs, the gateway receives the video from an Endura system and sends it over a public network for viewing through the Endura Web client.


  • Delivers Video from an Endura® System to Public Network
  • Manages up to 30 Connections Over Non-Endura Networks
  • Provides Web Browser Access
  • Works with NET5301-TC Video Transcoder
  • Transmits Endura System Video in MPEG-4 or JPEG Formats
  • Provides System Information Through E-mail and Event Messaging
  • 2 Network Interfaces: Public and Private
  • Uses Industry Standard Apache Web Server and PHP Engine Technology
  • Compatible with Active Directory Networks