NVT NV-704J-PVD 4 Channel Power-Video-Data Cable Integrator



Model NV-704J-PVD Cable Integrator

Typically installed in the Wiring Closet or IDF room, the NV–704J–PVD is a passive “pass-through” wiring device that efficiently consolidates camera power, video, and pan/tilt/zoom data onto a minimum of 4-pair RJ-45 cables.

Power, video and data are converted at the camera using the NV–218A–PVD transceiver which utilizes a single 4-pair cable with RJ-45 connectors to deliver each camera’s signals to the NV–704J–PVD. Up to four cameras are supported. The NV–704J–PVD receives low-voltage camera power from any third-party Class 2 power supply. Control Room connections are achieved with a single 4-pair RJ-45 cable (Exception: Two cables are required when all four cameras are in use and one or more require data.) Control Room connections may be made using the NV–413A, NV–452R, NV–862J, NV–1662J, or NV–3262J. All equipment employs industry-standard EIA/TIA 568B pinouts.